Adjust-A-View Safety Mirror

Adjust to see blind spots inside car.
Adjust to see blind spots outside of car
Diagram showing conventional vs Multiflex™ field of view

Multiflex™ mirror up to 260° field of      view
Conventional rear view field of view

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Recommended For:

  • Drivers with disabilities
  • Mothers with babies and kids
  • Drivers with loss of vision in one eye
  • Drivers with neck or back injuries
  • Drivers with loss of motion in neck or back
  • Drivers with arthritis

Installation suggestions:

  1. Thread Velcro straps provided through belt loops located in back of MultiFlex™ mirror.
  2. Determine where on your car's sun visor the MultiFlex™ mirror will work best for you.
    The exact position may be a factor of how tall you are in reference to the visor.
  3. Position mirror on the sun visor and wrap ends of Velcro straps around sun visor so they overlap. Secure hook Velcro to loop Velcro.
  4. Take excess Velcro® and place over belthoops to secure desired position.
  5. Make sure Velcro straps are tight enough to hold mirror to visor securely. Take excess Velcro and place over plastic loops to secure Velcro in desired position
  6. Cut off any extra long ends of Velcro strap.
  7. Peel off protective film on safety mirrors before using.

Adjustment and use of mirror

  1. Flip down sun visor with MultiFlex™ mirror attached to proper angle. Adjust mirrors to see desired images behind you.
  2. Adjust right mirror to view items in "blind spot" on right side of vehicle.
  3. Adjust left mirror to view items in "blind spot" on left side of vehicle.
  4. Fold mirrors and sun visor up when not needed.
  5. To clean safety mirror, use a clean soft cloth or paper towel dampened with mild soapy water. Wipe dry with another clean soft cloth or paper towel, being careful to avoid scratching the safety glass mirror.