Adjust-A-View Safety Mirror

Adjust to see blind spots inside car.
Adjust to see blind spots outside of car
Diagram showing conventional vs Multiflex™ field of view

Multiflex™ mirror up to 260° field of      view
Conventional rear view field of view

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Recommended For:

  • Drivers with disabilities
  • Mothers with babies and kids
  • Drivers with loss of vision in one eye
  • Drivers with neck or back injuries
  • Drivers with loss of motion in neck or back
  • Drivers with arthritis


May 15, 2006
To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Kelly. I am a 33-year-old mother of two. At eighteen months old I under went eye surgery to remove my left eye due to the discovery of a rare genetic eye cancer; retinoblastoma. It was determined that I had never had any vision in my left eye, there-fore growing up I had difficulty with depth perception on my left side.

I obtained my driver's license at 17 years old. For me, I never notice the depth perception. Turning left and right on the highway or at an intersection seemed the same. As with most people when entering traffic, the driver looks left and right. The only difference for me is, how far I need to turn, my head to check the blind spots. Since this has always been a handicap for me I never noticed how far I turned my head.

Since coming in contact with the mirror-flex, approaching intersections from the left has become a lot safer. The mirror-flex assists with my blind spot. I no longer have to turn my head as far to check blind spots. This tool, allows me to see longer peripheral distances on both sides, the left especially. Dangerous, four-corner intersections are no longer a concern.

When driving with my young children, I feel more confident and safer using the mirror-flex. I am very impressed with the overall function of this tool and recommend it to anyone with any kind of depth perception problem

Kelly S. B